Why wonder?

WONDER, noun

  • a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar


  • desire to know something; feel curious; feel doubt; feel admiration and amazement; marvel; feel surprise

Source: Google by Oxford Languages.

We said it and we believe it. For us, wonder is at the root, the core of it all, the Amazine community and this whole project as much as life itself. It is an attitude that can, bit by bit, make, is making and has already made this world, this humanity a bit less indifferent, a bit more sensible, a bit sweeter in all its bitterness. It is interconnected with feelings of joy, love, curiosity, openness, as well as with values of inclusivity, empathy and respect towards all beings. It is the perspective we chose and will hopefully keep choosing with you by our side. But why wonder?

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Song of the Week, #1

Tamino, You Don’t Own Me : from the upcoming album Sahar

In the anticipation of the album’s release (this Friday!), we’re soaking in these haunting lyrics in haunting melodies with his always incredible voice. Enjoy the song and the video above!

What’s your song of the week?

Life’s Shadow Play

by Ivona Bozik

Beauty has always seemed delicate to me. Just as life, it is of an elusive and melancholic nature, even more, it seems to be built on a certain kind of weakness, maybe even helplessness. For me, there is always some sadness in beauty, just as much as there is no sadness without beauty. I once shared this belief with someone and he replied that was because we found beauty so much bigger than us. I felt there was more, though.

It is a paradox, yet this play of indirect contrasts shows us how profound joy and profound sorrow coexist in the world. How separating one from the other is somehow cruel and sinful, and most of all it is blind and sturdy.

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2022 Highilghts

Music releases that made our year (so far)

Something happens in those moments when you are with a friend or a complete stranger, driving through crowded streets or empty roads, sharing a late night drink and a few smokes, or just passing by, and one of you puts on some music to which the other one instantly replies Oh I love this song!. A connection, a subtle yet strong form of intimacy, or maybe companionship as we like to call it. Sharing good music is one of the greatest universal joys, and one of our most essential joys, too, so we’re starting here, with some of our favorite releases of 2022 (it’s a rank-free list!). This year’s been good, looking at it from this perspective.

Love our selection? Have any suggestions of your own? Let us know below and share the wonder.

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Call For Submissions

This is your community, too. So, we cordially invite you to send us your submissions, in form of think pieces, social and cultural commentaries, all kinds of reviews and recommendations, portraits, prose, poetry, essays, travelogues and almost anything else. If you don’t express yourself with words, no worries, send us your collages, drawings, photos, videos …

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Keep wonder alive and kicking.

The Amazine community’s manifesto of sorts.

The world can be a weird, bittersweet place, so full of pain and so full of beauty. Humanity is weirder still, capable of such atrocities and foolishness, ignorance and hypocrisy, as well as amazing scientific discoveries and works of art that take our breath away, even more, humanity is capable of profound connection, companionship and joy. It aches to be alive, but that ache is sweet sometimes, isn’t it? You know the clichés: the flowers grow in dirt, the earth longs for rain, there is no butterfly without a transformation, no light without the dark, the sky excels its art only with the setting of the sun and the time right before the sunrise is the gloomiest.

We don’t deny any of it. We are deciding to embrace it all and by that open our eyes, minds, hearts and spirits for the many wonders, joys, beauties, uncertainties and paradoxes of this world. Be in search of the crack Cohen sang about. Because we can be disappointed by the world as we know it, even expect it to end pretty soon, and still keep on creating the one we want to live in. Push one word, thought, question, song, scene, story, hug and laugh at a time for the world that would actually be worth fighting for.

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