Call For Submissions

Our general call for submissions is always open and without a specific theme. The accepted pieces are gradually published on our online zine. We tend to answer in max. 2-3 weeks.

This is your community, too. So, we cordially invite you to send us your submissions, in form of think pieces, social and cultural commentaries, all kinds of reviews and recommendations, portraits, prose, poetry, essays, travelogues and almost anything else. If you don’t express yourself with words, no worries, send us your collages, drawings, photos, videos …

We do recommend you read our manifesto before sending us your pieces, or at least look at the end of this page, and make sure you align to our values and then send your contribution to wonder at amazine.the (a) in one of the usual file forms.

Write [Submission] in the subject and add an approximate category your piece falls into: e.g. genre, topic, one of suggestions above, or well whatever best describes it in your own words…

Include your name/pseudonym, pronouns, short bio and/or photo (optional) as well as social media handle and/or website (if applicable) in the message.

For writing: please send it in a Word document and use a readable font (size 11/12 would be perfect). The limit should be around 3-5 pages per story/short stories/poems (we’re not super strict, if you feel that isn’t enough for you to express everything you have to say, let us know, we might agree).

For visual art: just one is sometimes enough, but you can send us a max. of 10 drawings, photos, etc, expect for videos. For shorter videos, you can send up to 5, for longer, please not more than two or three. If you did a series longer than that, again, you can let us know.

We accept pieces you already submitted or published elsewhere, we would appreciate if you tell us, though. We reserve ourselves the right to decide not to publish your contribution if we think it doesn’t fit in our zine. It might take us some time to answer, too, we thank you in advance for your patience. Otherwise, we are always open for various collaborations!

We want to make it extremely clear, we run on voluntary basis and have no funding as for now, so we cannot and do not pay for any piece that we publish, although we very much appreciate people creating and would love to support them for it. Who knows, maybe someday that might change (fingers crossed) and we will be able to put our money where our mouth is. Till then, make sure you are okay with sharing your pieces with us for free. (We understand if you are not.)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

P.S.: We and many of our contributors are not native speakers, but use English as our lingua franca and main language of this zine. If you feel like helping us proofread, we’d be grateful. If, on the other hand, want to contribute something in some other language, write to us with your idea and we might find a way.

P.S. 2: If you just have a question, idea, suggestion, etc, for us, go to our contact page or write to us at amazine.the (a) and put [Question / Idea / Suggestion / …] in the e-mail subject. Same goes, if you think or feel we made a mistake somewhere – believe us we want to know and we especially appreciate if the criticism is of the constructive kind that might help us grow and improve. You can also contact us on Instagram. All your inquiries via e-mail and social media channels are carefully answered by Iva B.


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