Keep wonder alive and kicking.

The Amazine community’s manifesto of sorts.

The world can be a weird, bittersweet place, so full of pain and so full of beauty. Humanity is weirder still, capable of such atrocities and foolishness, ignorance and hypocrisy, as well as amazing scientific discoveries and works of art that take our breath away, even more, humanity is capable of profound connection, companionship and joy. It aches to be alive, but that ache is sweet sometimes, isn’t it? You know the clichés: the flowers grow in dirt, the earth longs for rain, there is no butterfly without a transformation, no light without the dark, the sky excels its art only with the setting of the sun and the time right before the sunrise is the gloomiest.

We don’t deny any of it. We are deciding to embrace it all and by that open our eyes, minds, hearts and spirits for the many wonders, joys, beauties, uncertainties and paradoxes of this world. Be in search of the crack Cohen sang about. Because we can be disappointed by the world as we know it, even expect it to end pretty soon, and still keep on creating the one we want to live in. Push one word, thought, question, song, scene, story, hug and laugh at a time for the world that would actually be worth fighting for.

We follow in the footsteps of those friends and lovers, near or far in the spectrum of time and space, who always seem to find the right word, tone or colour, who always introduce us to more good music, movies, books and art, who are always up for a decent talk, hours long debate about the stars and the black holes of our lives and our societies, who challenges us to be better, inspires us to live, to live our kind of life, exactly the way we are, with all our awkwardness, playfulness and all the truth that we can master, who make us think that maybe, at least sometimes, it’s good to be alive and that things aren’t always black and white. We’re trying to be that friend, (re)creating those paths.  

This is a safe place for all eternal learners and believers, (disappointed) idealists, thinkers, creators and wanderers by heart from all around the globe, for the quiet and the shy ones, for the passionate ones who seek to tell their stories, inspirations and points of view, for all those who sometimes feel the urge to scream them from a random rooftop. We are going to do our best to welcome everyone as long as they know their liberty ends at the limits of another’s and that every kind of liberty, the liberty of expression included, comes with a responsibility to ourselves and others.

We are building a community around values of curiosity, openness, inclusivity, empathy and respect towards all beings, around precisely that connection and companionship we all long for, as well as around joy, but most of all wonder that is at the root, the core of it all.

Never lose the wonder of your spirit, keep it alive and kicking with random moments of being, questions, thoughts, words, stories, scenes, sounds, and everything else that surrounds you. Then share it with us, join the community and make this world, this humanity a bit less indifferent, a bit more sensible, a bit sweeter in all its bitterness.

Join us on Instagram, SoundCloud or YouTube.

P. S.: We use English as our lingua franca, but most of our contributors are not native speakers, so we ask those who are to be gentle with us. We are always open for help and suggestions, though!


Curiosity Openness Compassion Respect Community Inclusivity


Moments of Being Wonder Joy Humanity Passion Art Stories Sincerity Randomness Social Justice Sustainability Collaboration Accountability

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