2022 Highilghts

Music releases that made our year (so far)

Something happens in those moments when you are with a friend or a complete stranger, driving through crowded streets or empty roads, sharing a late night drink and a few smokes, or just passing by, and one of you puts on some music to which the other one instantly replies Oh I love this song!. A connection, a subtle yet strong form of intimacy, or maybe companionship as we like to call it. Sharing good music is one of the greatest universal joys, and one of our most essential joys, too, so we’re starting here, with some of our favorite releases of 2022 (it’s a rank-free list!). This year’s been good, looking at it from this perspective.

Love our selection? Have any suggestions of your own? Let us know below and share the wonder.


Jack White – Fear Of the Dawn & If I Die Tomorrow : He is the king if there is one. And he made us happy twice this year with two very different albums in sound but both equally magnificent. #onrepeatinfinitely

Arcade Fire – WE : It sounds like the perfect soundtrack for the end of the world and we love it for it. Still admiring how they can make their sound so pop and so particularly their own at the same time. #wellbealright

Danger Mouse & Black Thought – Cheat Codes : And then, there’s another kind of a soundtrack for the current times. And a long-awaited collaboration. #nocheating

Paolo Nutini – Last Night In The Bittersweet : Because we love a pop album that is both smooth and edgy. And something in his voice still gets us somewhere deep. #andyeswelovethetitle

Kokoroko – Could We Be More : Eight of our favorite Londoners’ debut album is finally here and is going directly on all our Sunday/Morning/Evening… Chill playlists. #thisismedicine

Fontaines D.C. – Skinty Fia : And these Dubliners set the mood for the year with their third album which is still a regular on our playlists. #appreciatingthelegacy


Jungle – Good Times & Problemz : The summer anthem that is going to stay our dance anthem for all the good times as well as those when we’re going to wish for some. #lightuptheeiffeltower

Imarhan ft. Gruff Rhys – The Distance : It’s hard to get over the sound of these Algerians once you hear it. When there’s a new song out, we’re not even trying. #therewasawholenewalbumtoo

MorMor – Seasons Change : We just have to love his sound, the atmosphere in the songs, his singular voice and interpretation, and visuals that are always on point. #andhediditagain

The National ft. Bon Iver – Weird Goodbyes : When the melancholy of endings or else kicks in, there is only one band that can smooth it the way these guys do. What a duet, too, we’ve been waiting for this and didn’t even know! #issummerover

Arctic Monkeys – There’d Better Be A Mirrorball : Always excited when this band releases anything new and it has been that way for 16 years now. Can’t wait for the album! #notgettingold

And that’s not all! Discover these and more on our SoundCloud or YouTube channel where we will regularly add our favorites – new and old.

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