Why wonder?

WONDER, noun

  • a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar


  • desire to know something; feel curious; feel doubt; feel admiration and amazement; marvel; feel surprise

Source: Google by Oxford Languages.

We said it and we believe it. For us, wonder is at the root, the core of it all, the Amazine community and this whole project as much as life itself. It is an attitude that can, bit by bit, make, is making and has already made this world, this humanity a bit less indifferent, a bit more sensible, a bit sweeter in all its bitterness. It is interconnected with feelings of joy, love, curiosity, openness, as well as with values of inclusivity, empathy and respect towards all beings. It is the perspective we chose and will hopefully keep choosing with you by our side. But why wonder?

What wonder means to us, is having eyes, and all the rest of the senses, wide open for everything that surrounds us. It means opening up space and seeing things for what they are, not just what we want them to be, acknowledging their multiple sides and uniqueness, and not taking them for granted. When we really look at this world, we realize how amazing it can be and is. That a lot of what we seek and wish for is already there. Beauty, art, colors, friendships, laughter, caresses, play, dance, conversations, solidarity, courage …

When we really see these, we want to fight for them, confront the emptiness that might lure us into the other side. When we choose to be curious about this world, we want to feel, know and think more, ask questions and see what else might be there. We realize our thoughts, experiences, beliefs and habits live on an open field and can flow freely. We cherish moments of being, past and present, and search for their richness. Because we know this is all we have.

It is also admitting we do not know it all. It is accepting life has many layers. It is not believing things are black and white, it is not thinking everything is perfect and nothing should be changed. It is knowing there is not just one way and that we cannot do it alone. Our different perspectives are like a puzzle we have to put together.

So, our answer might sound something like: because it means both welcoming the reality and striving for better. Because it is a creative force that brings us closer, not apart. Because it can be a revolutionary, even visionary, force: by seeing things in their entirety, and from different viewpoints, we don’t blind ourselves for what is (wrong) and might actually see a way forward to a better world, collaboratively. And it could also be the fuel that gets us there, at least in part.

So, yes, open up and wonder at random moments of being, questions, thoughts, words, stories, scenes, sounds, and everything else that might inspire you.

Are you with us? What do you think is missing here? How do you see wonder and what is at your core or root? Share it with us.

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