Monthly challenge

I. Amazine Monthly Challenge : Perfect Day

For the first prompt of 2023, we’re starting easy.

How do you picture a day well spent? A day when things feel just right and you’re accompanied by this feeling of being right where you belong? Who do you spend it with? What are you doing? What sounds, tastes and scenes are there that will make you remember it forever? What are you most proud of or grateful for at the end of a day? What was your perfect day when you were a child and how has it changed since? What kind of days do you wish for today?

Tell us everything about the good, the sweet and the ordinary days of your lives and those you still plan to create, or just something the phrase itself might inspire for you. (Yes, we might even accept your interpretation of the Lou Reed’s song with all its bitter-sweetness…)

We are accepting any sort of visual art or writing (paintings, drawings, collages, short videos, photographs, prose, poetry, short essays, impressions, spoken word …). We don’t want to put a limit to your juices by counting pages or words, but keep in mind that they are meant for zine / online publication. We will, however, only accept a max. of 3 pieces per author/artist. There is no submission fee, and unfortunately also no remuneration as for now.

We are accepting your submissions in the month of February. Final deadline: Friday, 3. 3. 2023.

E-mail address for submissions and inquiries: amazine.the (a)

Include [Challenge] in the e-mail subject, and your name/pseudonym, pronouns, short bio and/or photo (optional) as well as social media handle and/or website (if applicable) in the message.

We will do our best to respond to your submission in 2-3 weeks.

A selection of works will be gradually published on our online zine ( and/or shared on our Instagram account. To wrap up the challenge, we also plan to create a digital zine (in PDF format) with the most convincing pieces we will receive, hopefully published in April at the latest, with the chosen contributors announced in March.

You don’t consider yourself an artist or writer? We doubt it, but invite you to join our IG Challenge and share your simple interpretations of a perfect day in a simple word, phrase, amateur photo memory, music playlist, or anything else you can think of. Post it on your Instagram, tag us @theamazinecommunity and use the hashtag #myperfectamazineday. Or send it to us via the private IG message and we can also share it anonymously if you prefer.

We are looking forward to your thoughts and creations! 🙂

P. S.: We didn’t answer all your questions? Write a comment below or contact us here for more information.

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