A Day in September

by Ivona Bozik

I almost forgot the warmth of the September sun, its gentle rays that stopped burning our skin some time after the last heat wave (now, I’m sitting here, sunbathing with the usual lateness, offering up my outside to its caress).

I almost forgot how the sky looks like lying down, observing it from a horizontal position it seems its vastness begins with you (then, I opened my eyes while sunbathing, listening to the rhythm of the waves, watched desperately for clouds whose mists vanished a day before).

I almost forgot how walking with music in one’s ears is magic for a melancholy soul (but my phone reminded me with The National in the shadow of the pine trees on the alley that lead me to my daily swim).

I almost forgot the fullness of solitude, the calm in which boredom falls apart (yet, the monstrous insomnia gifted me with a clear starry night …).

I almost forgot about the horizon (is it open or is it empty, is it adventurous or is it scary?).

I almost forgot about joy (until a moment opened my curiosity and it regrew again).

© Ivona Bozik

[Originally published on inthesoulsstreets.wordpress.com under the title I (almost) forgot]

Ivona Bozik (she/her) is a curious Slovenian writer and content creator, living in France, passionate about literature, music, travel and social justice. Her texts were so far published in various Slovenian literary magazines, as well as on Feminine Collective, Hook Literary Magazine and trash to treasure lit.

You can find her on WordPress or Instagram.

[This piece is part of our last month’s prompt Perfect Day.]

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