Happy Pizza

by Marc Isaac Potter

As you look at the contradiction

Your teenage years are a raging fire

Your father’s abandonment

Please accept these beautiful blue flowers from me as a way of saying let’s be French

I don’t swing the bat for the same team that you would want me to but I still care about you as my friend

I bought you these blue flowers I don’t know what kind of flowers you like but these are mums

Some people say mums are such a cheap flower I don’t mean them to be cheap I mean them to be special

Laura receives the flowers from her friend Teddy and she feels happy for a few moments

Let’s go out for pizza Laura, Teddy says, just – you know – as friends let’s go out for

… going out for pizza

© Marc Isaac Potter

[Bio 1 of 2] Marc Isaac Potter (we/they/them) …  is a differently-abled writer living in the SF Bay Area. Marc’s interests include blogging by email and Zen. They have been published in Fiery Scribe Review, Feral A Journal of Poetry and Art,  Poetic Sun Poetry, and Provenance Journal. 

Find them on Twitter at @marcisaacpotter

[Bio 2 of 2]

Marc Isaac Potter (we/they/them) … does not have a dog named Wilbur.  

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