Writing Prompt, I.

We don’t have specific issues with specific themes… We had a hard time with challenges and their deadlines… But, we still wanted to give our (potential) contributors a better feeling of what we are most interested in!

So, we decided to start a series of occasional writing (and art) prompts.

These will be completely non-binding and are only here to help inspire you and to keep us more concentrated on our mission 🙂

Feel free to join any time by sending us your thoughts, words and art!

The first introductory prompt is simple. Or is it? 😉

What do wonder and curiosity mean to you? How do you keep them and your joy alive?

Do you agree their perspective can change how we perceive us and what surrounds us? How?

How would you describe or demonstrate the bitter-sweetness of life?

Which are your core values in life? Why?

How do they guide you? How do you live better thanks to them?

What else do the words wonder, joy and bittersweet inspire in you?

We love your poetry and prose (keep them coming), but would also be excited to read some personal essays on the themes.

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