Song of the Week, #10

Blur, The Narcissist

Always great to hear new music from Blur. This is their first single from the new album ‘The Ballad Of Darren’, out in July!

I’m going to shine a light in your eyes You will probably shine it back on me But I won’t fall this time

What’s your song of the week/month/year?

The Intimacy Of Being Understood

by Smrithi Senthilnathan

“Ready for our movie marathon tonight?” she asks.

I smile. “As long as you don’t put any heartbreaking movies, I’m game. Not in the mood to cry today.”

She punches me softly. “Just because I love sad movies doesn’t mean I don’t know anything else. Today you’ll meet another side of me.” She winked and smiled at me coyly. I shook my head, laughing as I followed her into my room, better known as our den.

“Today I’m choosing the first movie of the night,” I declare, closing the door behind me.

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I’m Secretly a Monster But Don’t Tell Anyone

by Erin Mullens

I fling back my elegant neck, sipping flowery rosé

As the jewel encrusted birds flutter about the glamour

Resting precariously on the edge of my shoulder.

Every word is a golden lie, a bit of thread I twist

Hard, to weave together a beautiful tapestry.

If I just look like a rainbow on a green hill

They won’t see the demons fighting in the palm of my hand.

Under the table, my legs shake and my ankle bounces

I am terrified that someone will see through my illusion.

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