reclaiming space

by Aleena Sharif

Synthetic Apparitions Of Not Being Lonely

Secrets I’ve kept from others & myself

Divinely Protected

© Aleena Sharif

Aleena Sharif (she/her) mainly focuses on oil painting and almost exclusively paints nude female figures. The overall scaffolding behind her work is to confront issues of negative connotations around the female body and body image. She works to normalize confidence and move away from this unforgiving stereotype against women. What she aims to do in her pieces is create a sense of power. The way the figure fills the canvas and the pose. It’s often large scale and larger bodies and usually they are almost looking down on to the viewer which creates this sense of demanding attention. Which then starts the conversation of reclaiming space and unapologetically being loud and in your face and not shying away. She tries to keep it as realistic as possible so you will often see hair, stretch marks , rolls, not only included in her work but usually highlighted or even go as far as to say glorified.

Find her on Instagram at @aleenasharif_art.

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